Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Where has Gretta been spending a lot of her time lateley?

This Child -
We have just returned home from a under 8's day at a local school. Let me just say that it wasn't terribly enjoyable - I think it is nearly 40 degrees outside - My car reckons it's 43 already.
So we've established that is was hot. Throw my relatively shy kids in a big crowd of kids with big people trying to make them enjoy a project and that is my definition of a very un-fun day.
We pulled the pin and left a bit early. Trying to just make it to the car with a crying baby, a tearful 3 1/2 year old and a very GRUMPY mommy and girl.

The baloon flew off the pram. Gretta and I chased it and caught it. I was stomping back to the pram to continue to the car and my little angel stands square in the middle of the road and looks up at the sky with a dirty, dirty face on.

"NO!" she yelled with a screech.

"Dont take Baxty's baloon! You are a very Naughty wind!" It stomps its feet and wags it's finger.

"If you do that again - you are going to Time Out!"

It will definately be an Icy Pole afternoon.

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Jen Kealey said...

Oh My GIddy Goddaughter you are a treat!!!
If your mother wasn't precisely like she is I would think you were mine!!
I hope the icy pole was delicious.
Aunty Jen xx