Thursday, November 5, 2009

seeing red

we've had a beetrooty morning..

the gatherer

the helpers (please note the dinosaur working overtime - thanks Meggy Rose for the mail day surprise!)

kitchen helper hard at work tin-foiling..

caught red-handed

and ready to enjoy in a few weeks.
I couldn't find a recipie that suited me so I merged the info and came up with this:

Cut fresh beetroot's stems to about 1" and wash mud off
bake in al foil for about 2 hours on 150-180 till soft but firm

Chuck 1/4 part water and 3/4 part vinegar (I used Organic Apple Cider Vinegar and Organic Balsalmic into a crockpot with:
15 cardomom pods and 15 whole cloves and a teaspoon of allspice
add 4 tablespoons of rapadura or palm sugar
let it mull together while beetroot is cooking.

take out of foil to cool a bit then peel skin and slice.
put in sterilized jars and top with the brine.
add a saucy label and voila!

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