Sunday, March 7, 2010

apples and oppy's

My family and I went on a small apple rampage yesterday afternoon. I made my Grandmother's apple sauce (with lots of lemony goodness - we have a lemon tree here that rival's my grandparent's uber-sweet and fragrant lemon tree which I never thought I would ever see!) and my Grandmother's apple cake.

While Gretta and I were madly stirring the cake mix, Baxter and Nic were peeling the apples with Monty on Nic's hip.  It made my heart bloom to see my whole precious little family working together with excitement in their eyes. 

Apple cake - Gone.
applesauce on icecream tonight - check.

I fell in love with this little dish and I plan to make deviled eggs on it perhaps with a spot of parsley or something frilly(ish) in the middle.

Also - under the egg plate are 2 vintage train books that Mr. soon to be FOUR is going to be obsessed with as of Thursday.

We found a garage sale down the road on Saturday when our local town was holding it's boot sale. We got some great little bargains.. I got this cute little cupboard for ten bucks. I immediately ripped off the hideous black knob on the front and replaced with the glass knob that mom and dad brought out from the states. Lovely.
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Vic said...


I don't think I like you.

I'm sorry. But... well... you see - you are entirely moved, from the other side of the country no less, unpacked & making delicious things in the kitchen.

I am still half packed, living without any little distraction - all distractions having been packed away & ferried to Le Cottage - stuck in the middle of a move accross town & so scared of the boxes in the kitchen that my crew are lucky to get any meals at all.

I blow raspberries in your general direction. ;)

m.e (Cathie) said...

ohh, I have always been fascinated by those apple corer things!!
nice finds

Love Sundays said...

I just absolutely love that cupboard, I am looking for one like that myself, for my youngest daughters room. The green doorknob goes perfectly, well done