Friday, March 12, 2010

Good to be Four.

Big Boy reckons it's good to be 4.

He nearly wore out his little green crocs yesterday on his new balance bike. Seems to be the bee's knees.

I think he would have had all of his meals served to him on his bike yesterday if he could.  By the afternoon - he was ripping down the hills at the dairy - feet up and balancing really well. It may not be long before we are replacing it with a real big boy bike and put the pink child on it.

He got some fun toys and books - but was not overspoiled.. which I like. Sometimes kids get SO much!
He loved his spiderman teeshirt from the Geary's. I never buy him this kind of thing - but he totally digs it.

We spent the afternoon at Walkerville beach perusing thru the rockpools and of course - Baxter riding his bike on the beach and into the surf.
Finished the night off with his favourite - Carbonara. He was busted!

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