Monday, March 22, 2010

Convinced. Totally.

I am totally convinced that we have made the right decision.
I know it in my bones. We love it here.
There is a deep satisfaction at the end of almost every day here. We are doing what we love and what we know is ethical - in every angle.  I am totally enjoying nourishing my family and spending time outside with them.  There is so many beautiful, enjoyable things to do here - and I don't think we'll grow bored of it any time soon.

I am also convinced that the following photo should be my profile picture.

amazing, eh?
Or perhaps this one?

Maybe not.

...At the risk of sounding like a hobby farmer - I will explain the above picture of "Charlie Brown."
We inspected alpacas - yes that's right - the spitting, wooly funny looking camelish thingos.
You see, they don't like foxes. And foxes really like chooks. And since we are planning on increasing our herd of chooks that now sits at about 6 to 600ish, we need some protection for the birds.
So, yes, we inspected these funny looking things yesterday and are considering buying Charlie Brown and his brothers Milo and Diez.
We also inspected some heifers that we are going to buy from an Organic farm closer to the coast.

My hearts walking around in the alpaca paddock. Gush.


My One Brown Mouse said...

They are some great photos, even the hair shot!!
I am very jealous of the possibility of you having Alpacas, I have been nagging for them for ages to look after my chooks and lambs!

Mom said...

I am so happy that you are so happy. Looking forward to visiting :) Looking more forward to you visiting us (46 days, but who's counting!!) Your Aunt Nancy has llamas and may have some insight for you. I think one thing is to be sure what the sex is...and keep 'em apart if you have male and female! She has a few more now than when she started!
PS...Put you tongue back in your mouth!

Anonymous said...

Wow love the photos, I'm guessing it was windy by the look of your hair! Alpacas are very cute, take care Kate.

Amy Paul said...

umm, thanks mom for letting me know the basics of animal breeding.

Did you forget that I have been involved with reproductive physiology of livestock for.... umm for more than a decade? -it's kinda my thing.

... just in case you forgot. -- I know, I know, you still think it's revolting to Artificially Inseminate - as you did more than 10 years ago...
I kinda get the whole male/female thing now...

And yes, we are excited too.

Leonie Guld said...

Fantastic photos!!! Head over to Dalesford Organics, they have loads of chooks and have not lost a one because of their special dogs!! There link is on my side bar. xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Amy, looks bloody cold there! But that is right up your ally? Cute alpacas! I'm so loving the cute little spitty thingys! Talk soon. LOL. T

Tanya said...

HI Amy, have just travelled 7 hours back home from up your way. I haven't met you, but was thinking of you as we drove through Fish Creek.We stayed at Tidal River- my first time. It was so good for the soul!

Shannon Honeybloom said...

It's wonderful to discover you blog, the beautiful pictures, important topics, and to follow you adventures!