Saturday, March 27, 2010


Totally loving Laura Marling at the mo.

Have been yoga'ing and on the farm this week.
lets just say that there is a lot of this on the farm.

a WHOLE lot.

So we (yes that's right - two toddlers and a baby and hubby and myself..) did a bit of fencing yesterday. Much to the delight of the Mr.

And today we let some calvies out of the shed. They get this BURST of energy and hook a 9 in their tails and let rip. I love it. Un-constrained freedom.

this is Baxter's "thinking stance" - while supervising calves.

Did you know that I am coming up to my 100th post??
Goody Goody gumdrops! I am going to do a lovely giveaway.
Watch this space.

A bit sleep deprived as the insomniac is at it again.  I guess if I were a tiny wee babe I would want to be snuggled up in bed with a hoot at 4 in the morning too. Unfortunately for Master Monty (who has now earned the nickname "zoom" from Monty-zooma) mama just want's to sleep. And so does his big brother of which he shares his room. What would a good night's sleep feel like? Really - I just want to know.

Have a happy weekend.


Anonymous said...

Hope Baxter is feeling better. Lovely photos, can't wait to get over there one day. Love Nanny.

eka said...

ohmig... laura marling... loveitloveitloveit. gorgeous. tytyty. howhere did you find her? birthday request is born.

fencing.. hmmmm. rock on.