Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hello Love.

We've had another "appley" morning around here with the sublime aroma of stewing apples on the cooktop. I even managed to get a couple of baby jars done for the zooma.

...and meet my newest love...

I have lived in many rainy parts of the world and never had one of these.
I have welcomed it into my home with open arms. I know I know - it's not terribly environmentally friendly. But neither is an unhappy overwhelmed mama trying to get clothes that have been soaked in wee, vomit, porridge, applesauce, etc. etc. etc.
Yes, a mama like that makes an environment very un-environmentally friendly.
So - we will use this when we need it in our 40 inch rainfall home.

Have a happy day. xx
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Gina said...

Well, I say embrace the clothes drier, and think about all the great things your family does that balances out that one indulgence. Growing and preserving your own apples, for instance :)

Butterfly Mama said...

Every Mama needs a dryer and the world is a better place for it. Surely they dont want a parade of angry Mamas with naked children because we cant get their clothes clean and dry?! Any excuse hey!! :)

Apple sauce looks sooo yummy! You are very lucky Monty!


Mom said...

Yippee for the dryer!!!