Saturday, March 6, 2010

Lovin' Life.

There are oodles of scrumptious roses scattered thru this garden. I've never thought of myself as a "rosey lady," but I think I have been converted. They're beautiful. I gave most of them a little trim on our first day and they are already responding with some divine blooms.

Here's my crew anxiously awaiting our first meal in our new home.

Big boy (4 next week!) and Big girl had their faces painted today at the boot sale in Fish Creek. They loved it and I'm sure will be keen to see another face painting lady again real soon! Monty has decided that feeding himself is the trend of the moment - which leaves me a bit perplexed as to which mushy foods he can eat with his 2 bottom teeth and two top fangs..  any suggestions??

We had 2 days at the beach last week. First day was sunny and warm and the next was cooler and a bit drizzly. Both days were awesome and I still have to pinch myself that we live so close and it is so beautiful.  The waves at our closest beach Waratah Bay are like waves at a lake. Gentle and rolling - which suits my children to a T.

Until next time - I promise to share some house photos soon.


Copper Patch said...

The beach looks absolutely lovely and the roses are gorgeous. Hope you're settling in well.

Gina said...

Well the roses and the gorgeous round table look lovely... sigh.

Oooh, my first bubba was strictly finger-food, no way was he letting us feed him anything mushy on a spoon. So it was all about bananas for the first few months, and toast soldiers with whatever we could find spread on (he had teeth too), and fish fingers and meat balls... and freestyle weetbix (v messy). Have fun!