Thursday, February 11, 2010

big airplane!

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We're Booked!

My family of five is booked to go back to the states in May.
It has been more than 3 years since I've been back to see my family. Too long.

They all have 2 new people to meet (except mom & dad - they came to Oz last year) and Baxter was only 9 months old when we went last. That was all a little bumpy, but I hope this time I am a more resiliant mother and won't have any children teething (FINGERS CROSSED!) with plenty of Organic food and raw milk for us to eat and lots of memories to make. 

Of course we will have some farm tours too - to keep the Mr. going.  Our 7th wedding anneversary and my first Mothers Day with my Mom in 7 years(!) Train Museum's, meeting my niece and a new baby and 4 cousins for the kiddos.

Looking forward to it all.

P.S. we're on day 2 of not packing a single box. I may need to enlist some helpful friends!


Mom said...

Oh Happy Day!!!!!!!!!

Sarah said...

YAY - means it will really happen!

Yes - that is what friends are for!