Wednesday, February 17, 2010


This is a bit of a random blog - and I don't have the brainspace to put any pictures up at the moment..

A friend of mine passed away yesterday after several years battling with seizures and extremely hard times with a tumor in his brain. He was a mountain of a man and although I am glad that he is not suffering anymore - his broad smile will be missed. 

He passed away on the 1 year anneversary of my friend Janette's funeral.  That day was the last day I saw Roy. He was doing it tough. It all seems a bit unreal at times.. it has taken me a long time to get over Janette passing away. She was like a second mother and I get pangs of sadness whenever I'm in Brisbane. She was THE most graceful and gracious and generous woman I have ever known.

Rest in Peace Roy.
Rest in Peace Janette.

Packing Packing Packing and trying to get it all organized. The kids have been little treasures really with their home in turmoil - the big kids "get it" and are excited - and Monty.. well Monty is just Monty - happy with anything, really.

On a lighter note - I got a parcel in the mail yesterday from the fabulous Vic from Punky's Mamma.  She re-gifted me a red handbag. You all know my obsession with red - and she's just added to it. She also sent a lovely note and a couple of sachets of Chai tea. I have gobbled up one of them this afternoon - iced.  Many thanks, Vic. Unfortunately the red bag has to go directly into a box with the other ones for now...

It's so humid in here we could really breed butterflies and grow the most exquisite orchids ever. It is also making all of the packing boxes a bit - well.. soggy. So we are using lots of tape. Just a note here to anyone EVER moving - get yourself a flash-bang tape gun.
You wont regret it.

The movers will be here one week from tomorrow.
Gotta GO!


Vic said...

A tape gun...!


I used to LOVE the ones at work... why didn't I think of this... aaaaaaaaaarrrrrgh!


And you're welcome.


m.e (Cathie) said...


Mom said...

Hi Honey. I am sorry about Roy. It is so hard to loose people we care about.
Tape guns are awesome! I have 3, I think. Keep on packing and panicing and packing...:) Exciting times ahead.
Love you all