Saturday, February 13, 2010

offaly good!

Liver with sage grilled onions carrots and celery

Fresh liver is a funny thing for me. As long as Nic does all of the cutting and actually places said liver fillets in the pan - I love it. If I touch it raw - it will give me the heebie-jeebies and I wont enjoy my meal.  This blend with the sage is really really good. The only thing I forgot to do was to soak the liver in lemon juice first.. which draws out impurities and improves the texture.

melt a large amount of coconut oil and butter in large skillet. Slice up onion and sautee gently while you slice up a stalk of celery and grate some carrots. Add to pan with 1T dried sage. Let it all start to soften and scrape to one side of skillet. Add more butter and coconut oil and add thinly sliced liver that has been dredged thru flour (I use spelt). Do not over cook - just till blood rises to top then turn over and finish cooking.

spoon the saged onions over top with a fresh side - we had fresh pear tomatoes (I am obsessed with these little sweeties).  I gave the kids tomato sauce and they devoured all of their liver and loved it.

So good - full of Vitamins A&D and essential fatty acids copper, zinc, iron and antioxidants.
Get it into ya!

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