Saturday, February 13, 2010

home kill

This doesn't happen in too many people's sheds these days.  Home Kill. We have just spent the morning putting an Angus/Jersey Cross heifer into the freezer.  We have a fella come out and cut it all up in the shed and I pack it away in the freezer.

look at that beautiful yellow grassfed fat! Osso Bucco, Rib Fillet Roasts, Heart, Ribs, T-bones, Mince, Sirloins......

A bit trimmed off for dogs and such..

the 100+ year old Sausage maker and some swift hands at work.  We made Pumpkin & Fetta gluten free sausages this time. Roger made Chipolatas (wee ones) for Gretta.

.....and what does one do after all that hard work???

Goes home and has EYE FILLET for lunch.
No veg.
Just meat in butter with a dash of S&P.
There's a bit of life-force behind that!
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Aussie-waffler said...

That is soooo impressive, look at all those fantastic home-made sausages.

Kate said...

Great looking sausages!

Tanya said...

I am so jealous of that sausage maker. We do abit of home kill- well, the mobile butcher does and we pack! This reminds me of our Italian neighbours on salami day.