Monday, February 15, 2010


This is my mate, Tracey.

We met almost 4 years ago at Mothers Group with Baxter and Elsie.  We hit it off right away and have shared many special memories thru laughter and tears.  She always helps me out with the kids in our little Catastrophes - when Nic was in hospital with his back, when I went into prem-labour... or having a massage!

We share a huge passion for all things incredible for our kiddos - especially our girls.  With lots of "Oh My Gawd's" and "I must have that's"...  She has an incredible sense of Country Style, is a very hard worker - night duties as a nurse - I don't know how she does it. She has 3 wonderful children whom I adore. Baxter wants to marry Elsie one day.

Our men had a "manly night" at the Nindigully Pub on Friday night - so we swapped it up and had Chick's dinner out on Saturday. It was filled with laughs and a couple glasses of red. And a few moments of sadness that came up for my leaving.

Then she made me and my family a yummy lunch on Sunday and we went to an antique auction then the pool with the kids. I really enjoyed my weekend with my lovely friend.

And will miss her dearly when we leave.

But we're not talking about that right now. 
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Tracey said...

Yes what a great night out we had. No farwells, rather see you soon- but will miss you terribly!
I read your blog with a tear in my eyes, but knowing we will be life long friends from afar, only a short trip away! LOL Tracey xoxo

Leonie Guld said...

yep...thats going to be the hard bit...maybe you could convince her to come with you....Victoria will always have a little more room!!

womenindesign said...

What a beautiful post, even I welled up, friendships are such beautiful and wonderful things. I think they are a big part of all the facets of who we are as a whole. I can see the strong friendship you both have in these gorgeous images. Nat