Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Our last days in Toobeah

I had my last "town day" yesterday. It was lovely and a bit sad.

Here are a few of my treasures from the day - given to me by some special people.  The card and box of "uplifting messages" are from my dear friend Tracey. They are Kate Knapp from Twigseeds - if you haven't seen them GO and have a look! Divine drawings with special words.

The Babushka dolly necklace is from my friend Jodie at Nutmeg Home. She is gaga over my Monty and we shed some rather large crocodile tears yesterday.  Marn gave me some lipgloss (with my body double on it) and some pretty soap to wash away the sweat from moving!

I will miss these girls more than words can describe. We all have rainbow necklaces now to remind us of our friendship.

This is a stack of some ULTRA special little people.

Richard (Tracey's husband) reckons there were a few rivers flowing from our eyes yesterday.
He was right.

Elsie May - Baxter said that he wanted to marry her on the way to the party.

The happy drinkers - My Mr. and Steve (Emily's Mr.)

Ella has been sampling the goods, eh?

Em & Skye Annabelle - LOOK AT THOSE CURLS!!

Busy little Izzy.

Bushed from the party.
We're pretty busted around these parts - and have some enormous days in front of us - so I will say goodbye for a little bit while I relocate my life and family to Victoria. Anybody want to drive 2 toddlers and a teething baby 3 days South for me?
Until next time.
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Julie said...

I would drive you in a heartbeat, my friend - how bittersweet the turn of each chapter in life, can be... My heart and thoughts are with you. Good luck, God speed, and safe journey. Can't wait to hear from you when you are on the other side of this next week.

Love you!

Mom said...

I'll do it!! Please!
I know it is very hard to say "see you later" and you have made some very wonderful friends. Dad and I will be thinking of y'all and praying for you this week and next as you start a new chapter in your lives. One thing I will pray is that you will find excitment and friendship quickly in your new home. Can't wait to see it!
At lunch today Dad and I were talking again about your upcoming visit in a little over 2 months!!!!!!!
You have many exciting times ahead, little girl.

Sarah said...

GOOD luck with it all - was thinking of you yesterday and wondering if you had left yet...

See you soon!