Sunday, February 7, 2010

parfait on a tree, anyone?

Changing this little man's nappy is now like trying to nail parfait to a tree.
He arches his back, flails his arms, buckshots his legs and grabs hold of anything in reach. I do believe that he is part heffalump. But 100% delectable. ...and yes, that's him standing up.

this is the daddy dogpile. they are all over him when he gets home from being in the yards.
Do you think they're attracted to eau de parfum de warthog?

"I don't like what the humiditiy is doing to my hair! ROAR!"
This is actually herself being a lion in the nuddy noo nar. Frightening. V. frightening.
...but most frightening of all is what the humidity is doing to MY hair. Oh well - the packing boxes do not mind if I look like Medusa.
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Sarah said...

OMGsh he is STANDING!!!!! He is younger than mine!

The children are having a BALL on Dad - made me smile. Even Dad loves it!

Mom said...

I have been waiting, none too patiently, for a new blog. Very happy to see my babies! Monty must be practicing up to give me a run for my money when y'all get here in May! The picture of the kids piled on top of Nic reminds me of the ones I have with you, Jarret, Jim, Dave, and Heather on Kip. Happy memories :)
You ladies will be pleased to remember that the air here is more frizzies.
Love you XXOO