Thursday, April 1, 2010

my poor babies.

I really don't like it when my children are sick.

We have had the ol' shits and spews around here this week. I guess that we are fortunate that we don't get many bugs - but we get these ones.

The part I find the hardest is when they want to eat. What do I feed them? Arrowroot bikkies and very plain sandwiches seem to do the trick without it all coming back out in some form.
Have you got any suggestions?

Needless to say the big kids have been couch potatoes and watching ABC2.
GOD BLESS ABC2 - total God-send.

When they were feeling a bit better we headed outside for some painting.

I don't know about them, but I relished in the sunshine and it fed my very tired soul. Monty thought he was very clever by opening the door to get outside. I find it more frightening than clever.

we've also had some girls come join our family. lovely little ladies. they also have 3 sisters and a rooster over at the dairy, but 3 for us here for now. AND NO BLOODY ROOSTER!

have a happy day.. xx


Gina said...

Oh yes, I also thank the Lord for ABC2! We lived on a diet of ABC2 and toast during our gastro bouts a few weeks back.

I'm really loving the blog makeover by the way. So gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Oh God bless your souls and your bellies. I do hope this finds you all a wee bit better, flat lemonade does wonders! Loving the chookies. I have found out that our new babies are frizzels(is that how you spell it?) The 2 fluffies have taken them in,(thought the babies disappeared today, but there were under your 2 fluffies getting a cuddle) so cute! Take care, go easy on the chocolate! The garden pics are beautiful. Talk soon. LOL Tracey

Mom said...

I sure hope you are all doing better. Gretta looks like she popped back pretty well and is very into her artwork. Baxty looks a bit like he's saying "Tell me again why it is I'm out here"! I'm loving the flowers and chooks and greenery. Sounds like Tracy took your Queensland chooks. What about the Guinea Hens?

Butterfly Mama said...

Oh - the poor little darlings. Nothing worse than an upset tummy. I agree that flat lemonade does the trick - the sugar works well as an energy sprucer.

Love Love Love the blog makeover! Your garden looks devine. xx

Anonymous said...

Hey Amy,
Hope you are feeling better and the kids are too! Your new place looks awesome so pleased for you guys..
Can't wait to see you all in June - very excited!
Have a Happy Easter - I hope the Easter bunny is good to you :-)(here's hoping you've all got over ya bug so you can pig out on choccies haha!)
Lots of Love Em xoxo
PS Am loving this blog it is great - I check it daily!

Casey said...

Sick kids are no fun :( when the kids are sick we eat a lot of chicken noodle soup broth, they usually can't stomach the noodles, so they just drink the broth. And not the canned stuff, the kind that comes in the packets. I hope your kids get better soon

Anonymous said...

Hi Amy

Hope you are all feeling better by now. Love the photos of the garden, chooks and artists!

Take care, Kate.