Wednesday, July 14, 2010

around here


This is us the last few weeks. Chooken Chooken Chooken's
We are really enjoying it, and it is rewarding work.  There are still A LOT of details to work out and make happen, but I have sold my first boxes of eggs into Melbourne and they are happy with them!

Nic and I are really enjoying the fact that we are all able to do this as a family. The kids are there in every facet of it and are loving it and/or dealing with it.  It will be great when we are actually living on the farm so that I dont have to pack up kids and haul them to and from the farm.  That is begining to be a big pain in the bum.

Not sure when we'll be living in the pink palace, but there is a lot to be done there before it can happen. Namely a kitchen, a lot of paint, carpet and flooring, and perhaps a bathroom reno to ice the cake.

Anybody know of a grey nomad looking for reno work?

Off to pick up chicken wire - the entire perimiter of the farm needs to be fenced - fat foxes and cheeky escapee hens are dwindling our laying hens numbers down...

Have a happy day.
xx Amy

My BABY boy (who is not yet one...) is walking.
Everywhere. He's unstoppable. He loves it.
I love him.

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Emma said...

Hehehe He digs trucks. Tom was telling me about the state of the house on the farm. Bummer. Monty was also quite stoked with Baxter's brief visit on the weekend. Although he did say he forgot to bring 'his' baby Monty. I tried to explain that Monty is infact your baby not Baxter's baby, but to no avail. Apparently he is Baxter's baby. Righto.

Mom said...

Are you calling your dad a grey nomad?!!!