Saturday, July 10, 2010

where you will find him

You wont find my husband lounging on a couch playing some kind of video game.

He won't be tinkering with some flash car or motorcycle of his that he spends his money on.

He won't be at the pub on Friday night drinking and spending.

Oh no. Not my husband.

You will find him getting up at twenty past four to go milk the cows, feed the calves, let the chooks out, feed silage or hay out, and then racing back home to have breakfast with his family.

You also will find him on the farm during the day most likely with a kid at his side or on his back doing his jobs.

He will be the last to sit down and read the paper. He will first be on the floor playing with the kids, helping somebody to the toilet, fixing a toy, or doing a job in the garden or shed for one of us.

He would never make a cuppa without making one for me. He doesent even ask. He just does.

He's the first to put his hand up if someone needs help doing something - no matter how awful - like moving, or fixing something.

He would never flop down on the couch at night without making sure the kitchen was cleaned.

You will find him coming home as soon as he possibly can to be with us even when his days are overflowing with jobs.

You will find him including all of us in his day in whichever way he can.

He is the MOST unselfish person I have ever known.

I love that I get to find him right next to me every night.

How lucky am I?
How lucky are we?


Anonymous said...

Well girl, you can smile in the knowledge that you have a most precious friend and darling husband, and the fact that you know you do makes me smile too.


Mom said...

It is so nice to hear your child love her husband as you do. Nic is such a hard worker and devoted father. In fact, I was doing the dishes the other night, thinking of Nic and missing him... :)
The only thing that would make all this better is if y'all lived in Northern California.
Love you to the moon and back too many times to count!

Kate Bruning said...

I get that so much Amy - I am so lucky that Jonno is the same... maybe there is something about dairy farmers. And I am just so proud of him and so proud to be with him too! Glad to know I am not the only one in the world who gets to be with someone as wonderful as that... mind you, they are pretty lucky too! Love Kate (the greedy for colour one)xxooxxooxx.

Val George said...

I love both of you so much!! You are both such beautiful and inspiring people :)