Monday, July 26, 2010

Hello there - a lovely gal named Mama Butterfly gave me this pretty little flower the other day.

How thoughtful. 
It comes with a few housekeeping things.
Firstly, I must write 7 random facts about myself.
Secondly I must pass it on.

So.. I choose to pass it to.... Little Miss Emma.
You see, she is living in a little cottage I used to live in and she's very crafty and cool. Plus she has a super pretty blog and is a little ray of sunshine in blogland. 

Here's my random facts:

1. I make THE BEST cheesecake. Ever. There is no contest. It is my grandmother's recipe and it does not dissapoint.  For this fact, I am officially a cheesecake snob.

2. I am 6'3" tall.
    Beat that.

3. I wear slippers most of the day at home because my feet are freezing. Thanks, Mom for passing that one on!

4.  My favourite flowers are: Dahlias, Peonys, Tulips and Lillies. But not in that order. And I like a lot of other ones too, but let's be honest, we don't have all day to read this, eh?

5. I have lived in 3 Countries.  USA, NZ, Oz

6. I am too bossy sometimes. Well, let's get honest here - most of the time.

7.  I find smelling the hair of my husband and children intoxicating and I love it. Especially my little blondie boo boy at the moment after he has his hair washed with Burts Bees for babies. Yummo.

Have a happy day. xx


Emma said...

Oooh thanks Amy - you say nice things so I won't mind if you're bossy :)
I would however like to challenge you on the cheesecake front, I make the best ever cookies and cream baked cheesecake. So there.
If you would like to see my 7 seven things you can here:

And I too wear my uggies all day every day, I get horrible childblanes otherwise (which turned to frostbite when we lived in the house at the bull unit in Glenburn!) Bloody poor circulation.

Amy Paul said...

Emma - Cookies and Cream? hmm. I really do like cookies and cream. I think we could share a truce and exchange the best ever recipes. What do you reckon?

P.S. I think you are too skinny to hold the best ever cheesecake recipe. My body shows the proof! :)

Butterfly Mama said...

Oooh - that is a great challenge as I think I make the best cheesecake and have a great set of hips to proove it! Love your post. Thanks for being so inspiring. X