Friday, July 16, 2010

surprise visitors!

Nic's best man - Hayden and his most lovely and gorgeous partner, Mandy rocked up on our doorstep on Wednesday afternoon.  What a lovely surprise!
Their visit has enriched my soul and made me happy.
The kiddos adored being played with and doted on.  We're looking forward to repaying the favour one day with thier own offspring!

Here's to lovely surprises - have you had any lately??
xx Amy
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Mom said...

They surprised you??? How awesome! Say hi from us. Surprises? Dad came home for lunch today :) Vicky and I are off to the Olympic Peninsula, San Juan Island, and Victoria, BC tomorrow! Yippee!

Butterfly Mama said...

Isnt it amazing what a visit from friends can do? I think being on the farm - we appreciate the effort they take to hop in their cars and visit. I agree Amy - it does wonders for the soul!

Anonymous said...

wow what a great surprise! did you have any idea that they were coming to visit? great photo. looking forward to seeing some birthday photos next week. Em is bringing over a present for Monty and one to put in the cupboard for Gretta. Love Kate.

Anonymous said...

How lovely to see Mandy & Hayden, they look very well, a great couple. We enjoyed all the photos, Monty getting taller by the week. James is also growing, a delightful wee boy as you will see next week. Love Bronwyn