Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I'm still here

Hello Hello!! How are you?
Well, it's official - we've got official labels (almost complete - waiting for our certification label to be approved) we've got a rather large lot of cartons to be filled, and boxes that are filled with our precious hand washed, hand candled, hand packed yummylicious eggs. I'm off to Melbourne tomorrow morning with as many eggs as I can get into boxes for a buyer that wants more than we can produce.

And so - since my good camera is in at Dr. Fuji these pics are from my mobile.  And.. since it's been more than 2 years since I've downloaded mobile pics to my PC I found some corkers. 
Enjoy a step back in my time!

xx Amy

Baxter bubbychino-ing with mama in Gundy - quite some time ago!

Gretta's new saucy beanie from yesterday. She looks scrumptious and sassy in this!

Gretta and Izzy.  Get a load of those kissable chubby rolls!

Missy Moo's first day at childcare. Oh be still my heart!

Just found out we were going to be having our 3rd baby!

...speaking of that third child...  mmmmm.

The humble abode's for the hennie hen's. These things were a logistical NIGHTMARE to get to the farm, but now they are cruizing along well.

Monty's precious first days.
Bloody hospital. My beautiful perfect baby stuck in plastic and wires for the first days of his life.  This makes my heart start racing and brings tears to my eyes.

"I will not share these blueberries with ANYONE!"

Gretts and Izzy again.


Anonymous said...

Hi Amy, what a trip, all those baby photo's! Love what you are doing with the chooks, moble homes and all, fantastic. Hope to come across your eggs one day! Today Melbourne, tomorrow the egg at a time.


Belinda Lee Photography said...

The labels look great, I love the font!

Anonymous said...

Yyou have found a great collection of photos on your phone! I love the egg label. Hope all is going smoothly, love Kate.

Emma said...

Amy I LOVE your labels! They look fab!