Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Monty's day

We have had a beaut little day with our special little ray of sunshine. 
Birthday cake and kite flying on the beach.
Even with all of our snots and coughs we have had a great family day.  I have had a case of the mama guilts for the last week or so thinking that I haven't made such a fuss over our 3rd child's first birthday. But we have had a very special day even with a minimum of pressies and no party.
Don't worry, my little Zooma - I'll throw you a ripper of a party next year or your 3rd year.

He opened some very special pressies from family and friends. His rain stick became a bit of a weapon after he whacked me in the eye with it! He really enjoyed ripping up the paper and playing with each thing.  Smart little cookie.


Kelly said...

Happy Birthday Monty! Sounds like you had a wonderful day! Gorgeous pictures :)

Anonymous said...

Monty sure is a cute little birthday boy & I thought you & Gretta looked very stylish in your hats. Birthday cake looked a treat. We loved the photos, great stuff.
Love Bronwyn

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Monty! Looks like you all had a fun day. Enjoy time with Em, Dougal and James. The kids will all have a wonderful time together. Love Kate.

Butterfly Mama said...

Cant believe the Monty Zoomer is ONE! Happy Birthday. He is so damn cute. Love the pics! Thanks for sharing.
BTW - Pop over to Mama Butterfly - there is a surprise there for you!

Mom said...

Happy Birthday Mister Monty. You have the most wonderful smile in the world!
Dad, from home, and Vicky and I from Washington, enjoyed this posting all together via the phone and internet. You must have the best blog ever! Of course, I'm NOT partial. Love you all.