Saturday, July 31, 2010

She's Three.

My darling little girl is Three today. It is magic to be Three.

She requested corn flakes for brekky and a pink cheesecake.
Our beetroot cheesecake was a very subtle pale pink, but she noticed that it was in fact pink.

She has been well spoiled with A LOT of loot.
A very special addition to her collection is her mama made doll house. Well, it's actually a mini bunny house. My girl has a "thing" for bunnies.  She love's all things bunnies.

Not bad for a $10 opp shop doll house, eh?
Must say thanks to Mandy for helping with the interior and exterior colour schemes.  She came from NZ to make this special for our little girl.

I love you my darling. You are my precious little girl, and you make my heart bloom a million times a day.


Monday, July 26, 2010

Hello there - a lovely gal named Mama Butterfly gave me this pretty little flower the other day.

How thoughtful. 
It comes with a few housekeeping things.
Firstly, I must write 7 random facts about myself.
Secondly I must pass it on.

So.. I choose to pass it to.... Little Miss Emma.
You see, she is living in a little cottage I used to live in and she's very crafty and cool. Plus she has a super pretty blog and is a little ray of sunshine in blogland. 

Here's my random facts:

1. I make THE BEST cheesecake. Ever. There is no contest. It is my grandmother's recipe and it does not dissapoint.  For this fact, I am officially a cheesecake snob.

2. I am 6'3" tall.
    Beat that.

3. I wear slippers most of the day at home because my feet are freezing. Thanks, Mom for passing that one on!

4.  My favourite flowers are: Dahlias, Peonys, Tulips and Lillies. But not in that order. And I like a lot of other ones too, but let's be honest, we don't have all day to read this, eh?

5. I have lived in 3 Countries.  USA, NZ, Oz

6. I am too bossy sometimes. Well, let's get honest here - most of the time.

7.  I find smelling the hair of my husband and children intoxicating and I love it. Especially my little blondie boo boy at the moment after he has his hair washed with Burts Bees for babies. Yummo.

Have a happy day. xx

The paddy wagon!

I think everyone gets a little nervy when the police show up at your door at 10:30 at night.

But.. Fortunately it was this little lady in the back of the paddy wagon..


This Great Pyrenees Gaurdian Dog has given us a fair bit of strife! She's an excellent guardian for her girls, however, it doesn't seem to phase her that she has a half-tyre chained to her, or the fact that she'll get zinged as she goes thru the electric fence (more than once as her chain touches the fence too). 

Most of the locals know her because last week when she took off she went to the pub, the servo, the RSL, the cafe, and a local neighbourhood nosey.  Mind you town is a few kilometres from the farm.

Please stay home, Holly - we need our sleep.
But thank you for introducing us to the local police officer!
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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Monty's day

We have had a beaut little day with our special little ray of sunshine. 
Birthday cake and kite flying on the beach.
Even with all of our snots and coughs we have had a great family day.  I have had a case of the mama guilts for the last week or so thinking that I haven't made such a fuss over our 3rd child's first birthday. But we have had a very special day even with a minimum of pressies and no party.
Don't worry, my little Zooma - I'll throw you a ripper of a party next year or your 3rd year.

He opened some very special pressies from family and friends. His rain stick became a bit of a weapon after he whacked me in the eye with it! He really enjoyed ripping up the paper and playing with each thing.  Smart little cookie.

One year... woooosh!

How in the world did this little tiny person already get to be a year old??
A year ago today we had the most magical birth (birth story here) of this precious little soul that has enriched our lives more than we'll ever know.

Shown here with his 1st birthday milo milkie (made with hot broth and raw milk!) and a nannie.

We will be tucking into blueberry pancakes this morning - zooma's most favourite!

Birthday cake on the beach this afternoon. Guinness cake with lemon filling and cream.

My heart blossoms when I sniff his fuzzy blondie hair and hear his cheeky little voice.  His first steps 3 weeks ago have given him a whole new outlook on life. He loves nothing more than to pass a cheeky smile to one of us and take off in the opposite direction to have a game of chase.  He prefers it if it ends in a massive cuddle, tickle and smooches.

Oh, my littlest love. I love you more than the sun and the moon and the stars above.

Thanks for being my little ray of sunshine. 
Thanks for choosing me to be your mommy.

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Friday, July 16, 2010

surprise visitors!

Nic's best man - Hayden and his most lovely and gorgeous partner, Mandy rocked up on our doorstep on Wednesday afternoon.  What a lovely surprise!
Their visit has enriched my soul and made me happy.
The kiddos adored being played with and doted on.  We're looking forward to repaying the favour one day with thier own offspring!

Here's to lovely surprises - have you had any lately??
xx Amy
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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

around here


This is us the last few weeks. Chooken Chooken Chooken's
We are really enjoying it, and it is rewarding work.  There are still A LOT of details to work out and make happen, but I have sold my first boxes of eggs into Melbourne and they are happy with them!

Nic and I are really enjoying the fact that we are all able to do this as a family. The kids are there in every facet of it and are loving it and/or dealing with it.  It will be great when we are actually living on the farm so that I dont have to pack up kids and haul them to and from the farm.  That is begining to be a big pain in the bum.

Not sure when we'll be living in the pink palace, but there is a lot to be done there before it can happen. Namely a kitchen, a lot of paint, carpet and flooring, and perhaps a bathroom reno to ice the cake.

Anybody know of a grey nomad looking for reno work?

Off to pick up chicken wire - the entire perimiter of the farm needs to be fenced - fat foxes and cheeky escapee hens are dwindling our laying hens numbers down...

Have a happy day.
xx Amy

My BABY boy (who is not yet one...) is walking.
Everywhere. He's unstoppable. He loves it.
I love him.

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Ahh - the joy's of having a chook farm.
A round of double yolkers for the kids and I this morning.

xx Amy
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Saturday, July 10, 2010

where you will find him

You wont find my husband lounging on a couch playing some kind of video game.

He won't be tinkering with some flash car or motorcycle of his that he spends his money on.

He won't be at the pub on Friday night drinking and spending.

Oh no. Not my husband.

You will find him getting up at twenty past four to go milk the cows, feed the calves, let the chooks out, feed silage or hay out, and then racing back home to have breakfast with his family.

You also will find him on the farm during the day most likely with a kid at his side or on his back doing his jobs.

He will be the last to sit down and read the paper. He will first be on the floor playing with the kids, helping somebody to the toilet, fixing a toy, or doing a job in the garden or shed for one of us.

He would never make a cuppa without making one for me. He doesent even ask. He just does.

He's the first to put his hand up if someone needs help doing something - no matter how awful - like moving, or fixing something.

He would never flop down on the couch at night without making sure the kitchen was cleaned.

You will find him coming home as soon as he possibly can to be with us even when his days are overflowing with jobs.

You will find him including all of us in his day in whichever way he can.

He is the MOST unselfish person I have ever known.

I love that I get to find him right next to me every night.

How lucky am I?
How lucky are we?

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I'm still here

Hello Hello!! How are you?
Well, it's official - we've got official labels (almost complete - waiting for our certification label to be approved) we've got a rather large lot of cartons to be filled, and boxes that are filled with our precious hand washed, hand candled, hand packed yummylicious eggs. I'm off to Melbourne tomorrow morning with as many eggs as I can get into boxes for a buyer that wants more than we can produce.

And so - since my good camera is in at Dr. Fuji these pics are from my mobile.  And.. since it's been more than 2 years since I've downloaded mobile pics to my PC I found some corkers. 
Enjoy a step back in my time!

xx Amy

Baxter bubbychino-ing with mama in Gundy - quite some time ago!

Gretta's new saucy beanie from yesterday. She looks scrumptious and sassy in this!

Gretta and Izzy.  Get a load of those kissable chubby rolls!

Missy Moo's first day at childcare. Oh be still my heart!

Just found out we were going to be having our 3rd baby!

...speaking of that third child...  mmmmm.

The humble abode's for the hennie hen's. These things were a logistical NIGHTMARE to get to the farm, but now they are cruizing along well.

Monty's precious first days.
Bloody hospital. My beautiful perfect baby stuck in plastic and wires for the first days of his life.  This makes my heart start racing and brings tears to my eyes.

"I will not share these blueberries with ANYONE!"

Gretts and Izzy again.