Sunday, April 11, 2010

around here

Dearest Monty,
Firstly, let me start by saying how dear you are. I love your podgy little grubby hands grabbing everything. And your wobbly legs when you are attempting to stand or step on something. I love that you giggle and laugh at your brother and sister and love to maul them as much as you love to smother your daddy and me. You are cheeky as a rat and bring me much delight.
HOWEVER -- this whole sleep (rest) for 20 minutes and then "muh, muh, Rahhhhhhhhhhhh!" thru the night thing is taking years off me. I've tried it all - and now I need some sleep. I will once again resort to giving you homeopathic sleeping remedies before bedtime. For the sanity of the whole family.
Much love, Mommy.

Okay - and now on to some pictures from our beach picnic on Friday. I also have farm pictures and some oppy pics to share with you, but this will do for now. And if you haven't done so - put your name in the draw for my giveaway. Everybody needs chocolate (especially me today!)
Have a happy day. xx

care for a bit of sand with your smoked salmon spread?

Organic Blueberries. Yummo. Only 5 kg's left in the freezer!

whatcha lookin at?


Butterfly Mama said...

I cant believe how much Monty has grown!!

And I am scared to say that Moo may be heading in the same direction with Monty's sleep patterns. We had 2 episodes last night of screaming where she woke the house up....and then she would go back to sleep ever so peacefully. Perhaps teeth??

Anonymous said...

Hannah says "Monty is very dirty, what a mess!"
Looks like you've had fun at the beach.
Good luck with the sleeping Monty. Love from Kate & Hannah.

Mom said...

Dearest Monty,
Please get your act together regarding your nighttime sleep HOURS. You have 27 days to get this figured out!! Also work on an hour or two for nap time. Just in case you don't quite have it all worked out, you guys will be sleeping in the house and Pa and I will be sleeping in the 5th wheel! :) Love you little guy. XXOO Grandma Jo

Wonderful pictures. The sunset pic is gorgeous, but the kid pics outshine sunshine pics in my book. My grandbabies are the cutest in the world!

Anonymous said...

Just love the sandy toes with the dip-yummmo! Poor Mummy, you must feel like you are getting around half tipsy from no sleep! What to do with the little grub? Maybe try keeping him up a for a lond as you can during the day for as many days until he is completley exhausted for you at night? Good luck. LOL T

michelle said...

well there is a little man in my household who would tend to agree with little monty man - sleep is for sissys!! poor mama - you will survive...hang in there. love your pics - looks like there is a lot of fun happenin down there. wish i could hug you xx