Friday, April 30, 2010

me today

This is me today. Monty is having a bit of trouble sleeping in his bed - so rather than persevere rocking him and putting him down and picking him up (repeat several times) I just slung him. And I'm in the office - doing car reservations, freaking out about Nic's passport (we leave on Wednesday for the states), doing the BAS, Facebooking my friends in California for a get together, buying some Aussie gifts to bring home with us... and keeping the toddlers in line (it's a very very waaaavy line!!) Nic's at the farm madly getting everything sorted before we go. I have a feeling Wendnesday is going to hit us quickly!

I believe this afternoon will include chocolate and ABC 2 for the big ones and HOPEFULLY a big sleep from Zooma so that I can complete at least ONE task competently.

Has anyone got any ideas for good men's aussie gifts online?
What are you doing today??


kirsty said...

mmmhmmm, multitasking mumma, aren't you just!! Slings are a godsend on those days after little sleep the night before, I love them. Have a great time O/S sounds like it'll be full on!


Emma said...

Ok your day sounds so much more hectic than mine...Friday's I don't have Monty so I am finishing off some photography jobs, running into Yea to post them off and do other jobs in town, got to find good 1 year old birthday present in Yea?! We'll see how I go...We are also waiting on our passports to come back but have until June when we go to PNG, Liv told me about your issue, passport applications SUCK! Liv filled out my witness bit in blue pen!

Anonymous said...

wow sounds like it's all go with you guys at the mo! Good luck with the passport problem, hope it's sorted soon. I've had a cruisy day, went to mum and dad's for lunch and then played two games of netball tonight. Good luck for Wednesday, how exciting. Love Kate.

Anonymous said...

Hi Amy, What a busy time you are having, just been to Giles Lindsay's for strawberries but all sold out, not to worry Pearl (Love's dog) & I enjoyed a walk, came home & made an Oaty Caramel slice, Auntie Peg is coming for Dinner tomorrow. Hope all goes well for you all & have a great time in your home town Amy. Love to you all.
Nanny xx