Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My old Tuesdays.

I loved my "old" Tuesdays in Queensland.

They were regular and they were filled with my friend's faces and hugs.

You see, I would go to town every Tuesday. 60K to Gundy. There I would drop my big kids at the Community run Childcare for the day and get on with my jobs. Usually first I would go do the groceries by our locally owned Co-op. Bump into a few friends in the isles, get a friendly face at the checkout that would comment on how quickly my babe was growing and then stow away my groceries for the day out the back, add points that I actually got rewarded for at Christmas time onto my account.

Then I was off to do my jobs, just like the rest of my country friends - appointments, smoko with friends, picking up parts for hubby, lunch with friends, breastfeeding wherever, going to my favourite shop to see if there was anything I couldn't live without and collecting a good amount of hello hugs and kisses thru the day.  I would bump into all the "baby stealers" and talk about whatever was happening around the area.

At the end, I would collect my groceries from the back of the Coop from fella's that brought them out to my car, collect my kids with a lovely report of what they did for the day, say hello to their friends and drive back home to have a quick dinner, unpack groceries and fall in a heap in my freshly cleaned house from the cleaner being there that morning.

You see, Gundy was good like that.  I'm missing the warm friendly faces and the comfort of my routine.  I love it here, but I'm waiting to find my "rythym."

I think it was like a "reset" button, my Tuesday. It made everything even so that I could get on with whatever the rest of the week threw at me. 

Come to me soon, rythym. 


Anonymous said...

Amy, loved reading this post as I've had one of those days with you - I can see why you miss it! These things will come to you soon in Victoria...different but equally as special and enjoyable. Hang in untill then!
xxx Mandy

Bianca Jae Makes Stuff said...

I find it's the hardest thing when moving. It will come. Have you got a local library? Story time maybe? And playgroup? I have found that finding something like that was a good place to start. Even if I didn't keep going. It was a place to start at finding our rhythm xox

Butterfly Mama said...

Tuesdays are my special day to town aswell and I have grown to love them - mothers group, morning tea, groceries, shopping, etc etc!
I am sure you will find your rhythm and even your groove in no time! xx

Anonymous said...

Oh Amy, you will find your rhythm soon, just hold off until you get back from O/S it will all fall into place for you- a bit hard when you are arranging for you trip. No routine there! Missing Ya heaps LOL T