Monday, April 12, 2010

my pants - grumpy or blah?

Birth Doula film from Alex Wakeford on Vimeo.

Looking forward to this.
Birth with Soul's website is currently being developed - it's very exciting.  I'm looking forward to getting some mama's on board to support!

On another note - I can see that many of us have the "blah's" and the "grumpy-pants" on. I am no exception. I am at wits end with my kiddos - Monty had another wakeful night lastnight.

Okay - here's the plan of attack:
1. turn off computer.
2. get the big kids into the kitchen to bake something.
3. get my back done at chiro at 12
4. snuggle the baby (or sling on my hip) for the afternoon for lots of close comforting for him
5. get rid of my grumpy/blah pants at yoga tonight.
6. have a glass of wine with hubby when kids are tucked into bed.

See ya. Plan starts now.


Belinda Lee Photography said...

That sounds like an excellent plan, similar to mine. Except mine involves finishing work, picking up my girl, we were going to the park but the day is blah, so we might also bake. I start at yoga tonight (after a 6 year break), then curl up in bed with a book! Enjoy your day x

Bianca Jae Makes Stuff said...

Oh watching that made me tear up! I had a doula at the birth of bub no. 2 as a support for all of us including my 1st born. And I finally had a home birth with bub no. 4 but no doula as I left it too late to book one in. Having bub at home was the single most amazing thing I ever did!
And I like your plan! We have already baked a cake and have 2 extras over for a play. Which keeps 2 out of my face so I can get on and enjoy the others that are very sad today. Hope your plan works and you turn you day around xox

Mom said...

Sweet Monty, go to sleep and have sweet dreams so your mommy can go to sleep and have sweet dreams. I hope your plan worked Honey. Happy Trails! Love you. XXOO

michelle said...

i'm looking forward to this - it's looks great doesn't it!!!

looking forward to your site too =]