Sunday, April 25, 2010

Lest We Forget

Anzac Day here in Oz hits home with Nic and I as we share 3 Grandfathers that served in the war between us.  We had a lovely service in Fish Creek - there's nothing like a dawn service, but the mid morning one had to do for us as Nic was milking and the likelihood of me getting to a dawn service with 3 kids was slim.  Let's just say it wasn't going to happen....

On to another remembrance of sorts.. Ashley Jade Epapara - 2 years old - dead from Flu Jab.

This happened nearly 20 days ago in Brisbane. Now we have over a hundred hospitalizations happening in WA from the flu vaccine. And only now are we hearing about it. 
And they are saying that it is still safe for Pregnant Women and the elderly? Let's remember that this vaccine HAS NOT BEEN TESTED. I guess it is now - on tiny little people that are too small to help themselves. What about those foetuses? What is this going to do to our society in the long term?

The Sunday Mail was wondering why parent's do not vaccinate. Here is my brief letter to them:

Dear Editor,

I do not vaccinate my children because after hundreds of hours researching I have found vaccines dangerous, ineffective and unnecessary. I believe that the vaccine industry is beyond corrupt and the medical community is vaccine driven because of financial ties from the drug companies.

If adverse reactions were investigated and recorded properly I believe that society would wake up and not continue injecting our children with toxic, toxic substances. I choose to use health and nutrition and natural therapies with confidence.

The long term effect of vaccines on our society is only just beginning to rear it's ugly head - it's only going to get more and more monstrous as time passes by. Fortunately by unfortunate manner, the medical and pharmaceutical communities will more than likely expose themselves soon because of the momentum it is catching by offering needle after needle of toxic concoctions. It is so sad that the victims are so little and helpless to do anything about it.

The reality of it makes me sick.

In health,
Amy Paul
Organic BioDynamic Dairy Farmer

If the thought has ever crossed your mind to look into what you are putting into your babie's bodies, NOW is the time to investigate. Educate yourself and make an educated decision. Do not trust the CORRUPT and monstrous pharmaceutical companies and medical societies. Make up your own mind.

And in case you were wondering where I stand on the subject - now you know.

xx Amy

postscript - the government's website has not posted anything about the vaccine halt.  And is still pushing their heavy hand on the so called "safety" of the vaccine.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for voicing the opinion of so many of us regarding vaccination, I am horrified by what is happening to all those helpless babes. I can only say that I hope that this mess with the flu vaccine helps parents wake up to what some of us have already realised is a worldwide atrocity called immunisation.