Friday, April 16, 2010

fashionista fairy floss strikes again.

Have you got any idea what the essential accessory for brekky eating is?

that's right - swimming goggles.
Particularly useful if your brother is going to throw milk at you or something. A girl can never be overprepared.

On another note - my big boy is becoming quite the gun at taking photos! Have a look...

Do you see that adorable bunny hairclip in FFF's hair? Hair Fairy Clips. Get onto it - she's awesome.

ahh - be still my heart.
She's still nibble'able and has enough attitude to make you scream, but is as tender as velvet when she wants to be too.
As I picked her up from "Mini Minors" on Wednesday and she was skipping to the car hand in hand with me she said, "Mommy - I really really really love (pronounced loeb) you... I doooo." in her beautiful little husky voice. Yummo.


Anonymous said...

Hi Amy, What gorgeous photos can't wait for Alister to arrive home to see them. Love the goggles very cute. I see a hint of a wave in Gretta's hair, lovely. Baxter is quite the photographer, great stuff.Hope Monty is now sleeping at night,he is so blond.(beautiful colour).
Love Nanny xx

Mom said...

Awww! Two of my very favorite girls :) 21 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tell Baxty to bring his camara!

Anonymous said...

Great photography Baxter, keep it up! I love the swimming goggles Gretta! Wow only 21 days until you leave, how exciting. Take care, Kate.

Emma said...

Hi Amy, found your blog via Liv Lawson - me and my partner Matt (who I think Nic knows?) are managing Ythanbrae and I look after Monty. I think you guys once upon a time lived in the cottage, but not sure? Love your blog, mine has a few photos of Ythanbrae and the cottage. Hope you're enjoying Fish Creek, we were down there at Christmas with Tom and Liv and it's such a lovely spot.

Sal said...

Great chatting today - please remove me from your black list now?!
Tell Gretta those goggles are also very useful for onion chopping (although she does the look way better than me!!) xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Amy

I cant't believe how much your kids have grown up. Sounds like you are having a great time down there.

Trysh Morris