Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter 2010

"we found the stash!"

mmmmmm... that blonde hair makes my heart palpitate.

Did you know the new fashion accessory that is now ALL THE RAGE?
It's the lovely and oh so useful "bungee cord"
A little lady's best friend.
Demonstration to follow.

applying the bungee cord to your attire is simple.


It completes the outfit perfectly. And.. who knows when you will need to strap something down?
Oh how I wish a bungee cord could fit around my waist..

Hope you had a happy day too.


Anonymous said...

Just love it- the Blondie Boo is getting Blonder! Are you sure you are not helping it along? Maybe Gretta has invented a new fashion accessory? A girl who is most practical, yet stylish- Can I order one in pink? LOL T

Anonymous said...

What is Monty doing standing up, I thought he was only a baby!!?? I love the bungee cord belt, very stylish. Looks like you had great fun having a easter hunt, take care Kate.

m.e (Cathie) said...

great pics Amy, love the new blog look too!
my little ones love the ocy (sp?) strap scares me though when it gets pulled

Bubble said...

Lovely pics. Happy Easter x

Kylie said...

Looks like a wonderful day. Always good to see those traces of yummy Lindt carrot chocolates too! ;) Kx

Anonymous said...

Pearl bracelet & gumboots, Love it. What great photos, we enjoyed them immensely. Love Nanny xx