Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday Musings..

 I've finally taken a picture of my beautiful little garage sale treasure! The kids are loving this old school desk. I want a place for it inside (near the kitchen) for them to do projects, but I might wait till we shift to the farm.  Fourty bucks well spent!

These pink opp shop shoes have stolen my little girl's heart.  These pictures were taken at 6 a.m. the other morning. She loves em. Fifty cents well spent!

She also loves her new handbag mama made for her.  She has a disgusting hot pink and purple shiny flouncy thing that she insists on taking to town. I thought mama should make her a more respectable handbag for town!
P.S. Isn't Auntie Jen's skirt delicious!??

Have a happy day - I'm off to bury cow horns in the ground that are filled with poos! Hurrah!


m.e (Cathie) said...

love the desk!!!
little girls & their fascination with heels, so cute.

Anonymous said...

Oh my God do you know how long I have been searching for one of those desks? So lucky you!!!! Isn't Gretta the poser? I wouldn't have been able to passs up the shoes either! Must have a great little op shop down your way! LOL T

Anonymous said...

I love the school desk. And as for the pink shoes, well they are gorgeous Gretta, and you your new handbag looks great. Love Kate.

Anonymous said...

Gretta, you are so grown up, love your skirt & also the bag, very stylish. The school desk, what a find.
Love Nanny xx