Saturday, January 15, 2011

auction ended.

3 chooks - auctioned.
After only 4 bids - we raised $50 each for a grand total of $150 dollars. 
A small drop in the bucket to what Queensland will need to clean up and restart their lives after such destruction, but every little bit helps.  

We are researching a fund that will help rural Queensland in particular. The media focus has really been on Brisbane, and though our hearts go out to the City, the scale of epic proportion to the north, west and south of Brisbane is particularly horrible - especially Toowoomba and surrounding areas thru the Valley. If ever there were a time for the Queensland Government to do the right thing by the bush - the time is NOW. I'm putting it out there that they will do the right thing and help the farmers and rural areas get back on their feet quickly and effectively.  

Our old hometown of Goondiwindi has fared better than most, but isn't out of the clear yet.  Our thoughts are with those that have been affected. Especially those with missing loved ones.



Ellieboo said...

Every drop counts - well done on the auction

Mom said...

Good job Honey. Let us know what you find out for rural areas.

dixiebelle said...

Awesome work!

Leese said...

Every bit helps so well done! $50. for a chook is pretty good going!!

Kate said...

I love that you had a chook auction!
That is so cool.
Please let us know what you find in the way of a rural fund raiser. X