Monday, January 24, 2011

cheezy goodness

We've been experimenting with lots of cheese, yoghurt and ice cream from our beautiful Organic BioDynamic milk that we have here on the farm.  Needless to say we eat A LOT of eggs and milk products - besides just cool, ultra fresh creamy milk.  This cottage cheese recipe was D to the vine.

I've just bought an electric cream separator from the Ukraine. Cannot wait to be making fully raw ice cream and butter. I must admit I go thru fits and starts on Ebay - and I'm a little too addicted to finding those unusual things at the moment. It's a bugger that I cannot sell my brand new HTC Desire cell phone tho.  Do you have an Ebay relationship like that? One day you are obsessed, the next year you can't bear the thought of it?

Thanks everyone for the lovely comments on my 7 things post..  However, I've only had one bid for the yellow pillow (mind you - I'd be only too happy to send it to Jodie!)  If you are in need of a purty little yellow birdie pillow - dig out a bid here. Finishes on Australia day (Wednesday for all you oversea'ers)

Otherwise - have a wonderfully happy day. I'm off to chop and colour my hair. Yay!

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