Monday, January 10, 2011

It happened!!! don't pass out, but... I actually created something yesterday in my 4 hours of spare time sans kids!

Pillow & Monty - Cute and Cuter

then I went crazy and made a mate to match.  I picked up this birdie canvas when we were in the States last year (OMG - it's already "last year").  

I've been collecting vintage doily's from all sorts - these 2 happen to come from my neighbor at the old house. I really enjoyed the silence of stitching while sitting out in the sunshine.  It has been TOO long!

so then I thought I should do another doily - but I'm not so sure that this one turned out too well.  I ACTUALLY stitched this while sitting down in the kids room with Gretta and Monty happily playing.  I really had no idea that it would be possible!

and just to add to the crazy creativity - I made a heart garland. 
For pure fun. 
After the kidlets were in bed.

My boys have been very creative lately too -- have a look at this contraption! 
One very proud Big Boy with his billy cart. 

Oh yeah - and Baxter thought it was good too!

as much as I love these little people - it is SO necessary to have a break from them once in a while too.  They are all at the "quite consuming" ages and stages. There really doesn't seem to be too much time left over for Nic & I - let alone myself!

at 5 a.m. I tackled the ever so daunting project of the 2011 schedule.
It's been on my brain and haunting me for the past month at least.

I had to fit in SO much for the little people and for the business, but it's starting to take shape - I fear that I'll be doing A LOT of driving here there and everywhere, but hope to share a bit of that with some of my local friends once we all know who is doing what and when.  

It all went down a lot better with a few cups of tea.
The madness commences 1 Feb. Look out!

xx Amy


Hannah McNulty and Baby Moo said...

So excited to see your creations. They are all sooo beautiful! Good on you for taking some time out for yourself. X

Mom said...

OMG!! Three posts in 2 days!! Life is good!!
Your pillows are very pretty and you sure get a lot done in 4 hours! You are so creative in so many ways Amy. I am very proud of you xxoo
I noticed your 2011 journal is the same pattern as the lovely water bottle you sent me. It is great as a water bottle or a hand warmer with hot water in it.
I wish I could be the story-reader. One of my many fond memories of our times with your babies. Baxter and Gretta sure seem to be enjoying their story...I guess Monty has learned to read by himself.
Beautiful family honey.

Anonymous said...

OMG Amy, Just when I think you are so talented you pull this one out of the bag and become sooooooo clever!!! WOW just love the cushions. My nan used to love make doilys and I have a few. So when my sewing classes commence (in March)I will give you a call for some much needed advice. I really hope that we are a part of your hectic schedule in Feb. Must go and keep on packing for this so called flood we are expecting on Thurs night. Talk soon. T

dixiebelle said...

Stunning! Yes, some 'me' time helps restore the sanity!