Sunday, January 9, 2011

little treasures

Pure Bliss.

I have stolen a late morning and lunchtime ALL to myself.


Okay, so as any mother does, I set a limit of 1/2 hour of cleaning up after they left. 
An hour and a quarter later, I made myself stop (still in my nightgown, cleaning like a madwoman...).

I'm now staring down my beloved little sewing machine - that has been sitting idle in this home since we've moved here. Well, not anymore... Here I come.

Do you love my new little treasure - my coffee cup? It's delicate and beautiful and says:

"Know first who you are:
and then adorn yourself accordingly"

I love it to bits. It came from the Melbourne Design Market
It also has a takeaway lid. Which I love. 
I really love drinking coffee like it's a takeaway one - even when I'm at home.  

For some reason, my coffee tastes so much better in it.
And especially right now - in the quiet of my own space and company.

P.S. is it acceptable to eat brownies alone for lunch?


Anonymous said...

AHHHH enjoy, enjoy, wish I was there to share a lovely coffee!!! Lets pray to keep this wet weather away.So we can. Funny how we appreciate the little things like a quiet coffee. I have to go to work to enjoy that!!! LOL T

Sarah said...

ah lovely lovely Looooouvey...

These treasured moments! Never enough of them I say

Emma said...

Haha I totally agree that coffee tastes better or I enjoy it more in a takeaway cup, and here I was thinking I was the mad one...

Anonymous said...

I love you, Amy Elizabeth. Just wanted to say so! It's been so long since I have read your blog that I cannot remember my username/ password, but wanted you to know you are on my mind. I'm so glad you are safe and dry, and so terribly sorry your friends and countrymen who are not. Much love to you and yours, Ju