Monday, January 17, 2011

RURAL flood relief funds

I have located RURAL flood relief donation details.
The $150 raised by auctioning our hens on the weekend will be split between these two accounts:

Lockyer Valley

Many of you have asked me to forward rural appeal's details - so there they are.  These accounts are fair dinkum from the regional councils. They have set up separate accounts from the Premiers Account to help the specific local area.

Without doubt - Brisbane has been hit heavy, but the two above regions in particular have endured horrors that I cannot even begin to fathom and they have a long long road to recovery.

They need tremendous help. Give generously.
If you are holding an online blog auction - consider giving the proceeds to one of the above in addition to or in place of the Premiers account.

and.. spread the word.


P.S. There are credit card facilities and Paypal for overseas readers to make easy donations.


Loz said...

Sitting here in Melbourne watching it unfold has been a really sad experience, I can't imagine what it would be like to live it. I think the only real wonder is how so few people have lost their lives.

Emma said...

I will put my proceeds from Little Miss Emma auction towards there instead Amy - I was thinking how I could do that, thanks! How did Gundy fare? My brother left his truck there. Some people we know from Lockyer Produce were stuck in a shed for a few days. Hoping nobody forgets the farmers, friends in the Mallee also doing it really tough with not much press and therefore help. Whole crops gone, sad.