Thursday, January 20, 2011

superb auction & 7 things 'bout me

Hello there! 
First things first - I'm holding a raffle for my yellow pillow! Hooray!
I think it might miss it's mate, yellow pillow #2, but I think someone else will love it and give it a good home.
100% handmade by moi.

Here's the deal:
-open to the entire universe - I'll post it anywhere.
-online auction starting at $5 winning bidder to donate to the Grantham Flood appeal. This is a town that had it's guts and people ripped apart during the flood, and will go directly to that community.
-leave a comment with your bid.
-bid as many times as you like.
-Auction closes on Australia Day at 4 p.m. Winner to be notified by email.
-handsome big boy is not included in the raffle. (sorry.)
-any questions - email me.

Sophie over at Red Dust Love has given me an award!
awww. how sweet! In order to receive this award I must release 7 secrets about myself that you may or may not know, but I am presuming that most of of you will not know these tiny details!.....

right. here goes...

1. I'm 6'3". That's right. I wear VERY long jeans.

2. I'm a bit obsessed with making food with what we have. Eggs, Milk, veg, fruit. Actually, I'm quite obsessed.

3. I sing really really well. Especially Laura Marling. However, I was not allowed to sing solo  "Away in a Manger" for my church Christmas Concert when I was little. I think I butchered it.

4. I've never been to New York, but I'd love to go for Christmas - I don't know why.

5. I think I'm done having babies.

6. I am an awful sleeper. If a frog farts, I'm up and looking to see if it's okay.

7. I could spend a day nibbling and loving on my baby. I would require no food or drink. Just nibbling and smooching. Unfortunately I have a business to run and children to feed and laundry to do and schedules to keep and bills to pay and EVERYONE elses's needs to be met - therefore I do not spend the day smooching on my baby(s). (I could choose any one of the three, but the little blond haired fellow just MELTS my heart at the moment.)

There you have it.

So, now I'm passing it on... to a blog I've only just stumbled into - This lady makes the most best hairclips for girls. Kelly has her blog.. Messy Freckle (whose name I lourve.) and it is truly stylish! 

Have a happy day and put a bid in. I'd love it to be a smashing success.


Kate said...

Gorgeous Amy!
We are ridiculously, scarily similar. Oh except for the height thing, I'm 5'1. I wonder if we'd get along in real life.
Good luck with auctioning off your gorgeous cushion.
I hope you raise some seriously big bucks. X

m.e (Cathie) said...

aww, love the nibbling & smooching! I love it when my 3.5 yr old sneeks into our bed at night, love the cuddles.
well you are pretty tall! I feel short at almost 5 8"
ooh, I am also a horrible sleeper, can wake up to anything & everything.

nice reading about you Amy, I knew you were a pretty cool kinda girl!

Mom said...

Ha!! I knew all seven secrets! That's a mom for ya....

Kelly said...

What a gorgeous cushion, it love it ♥

It's so nice to learn more about you, I am a bad sleeper too.

Thanks for the award, I will do a post later today got to make some hair clip orders first hehe!

Jelly Wares said...

I had aches in my side at the frog-farting... :)

I'll start the bidding off at $20...

Hugs - Jodie :)

Fiona said...

Hi Amy, just found your blog via Sophie at Red, Dust, Love.
Have enjoyed looking at your gorgeous kids. I also love cooking with home-grown ingredients, we milk a cow, have enough chooks to keep us in eggs, grow our own beef and pork ... and veges.
Nice to know what's fueling our kids!
I'll be sure to pop back and catch up.

Good luck with the auction, it's a wonderful cause and a beautiful cushion!

Mom said...

I will up the bid to $50...

Mom said...

But I want the big boy too!! I love you Baxter

Amy said...

Aww - I have a lourvely mama.
You're not getting the big boy tho - read the instructions!

Mom said...

Humph!!! I want him AND his siblings!

Mom said...

You never followed my instructions! I have a valid point, don't I?

Amy said...

***** AUCTION CLOSED ******
Congratulations, Debbie Lepage
AKA Momma!

Thanks for being so generous. Your $50 will be well used here in Oz.

Post a comment with the fund of choice and receipt number...


Mom said...

Done deal. I just did it through PayPal (xxxxxxxxxxxxx6422). Now you put you sweet pillow right back next to it's mate and donate the shipping! Better yet, send me the kids COD!

Mom said...

Sorry, I forgot to say it is with the Grantham Flood Relief.
Dad and another guy from church are dreaming about being able to get a group together to come over and help.

Amy said...

Aww - You're da bomb, ma.
I'll be the first to fluff up the little yellow pillow behind you and make you a cup of tea when you come and visit one day.
xx Love ya

Mom said...

Mmmmm. Sounds wonderful.