Monday, January 17, 2011

pencil-skirts and forklifts and feed

ever tried driving one of these.. one of these? 

Pencil-skirts are not good forklift driving attire. Nope. 

I will die if the trucking company that I broke and entered into this morning has security cameras.
Not for breaking and entering, but for the fact that they will be able to clearly see my yellow undies while operating their forklift. Okay - I had permission to break into the shed....

my husband and my hens are thankful however that I hefted these 25kg sacks of Organic Chook feed into my car this morning. 

We get our feed from a very good Certified Organic processor in Toowoomba... well, usually.... this is emergency feed from a depot in Melbourne. Our $3500 order of feed arrived in the Toowoomba depot last Monday in the morning. By that afternoon, all hell broke loose and the water rushed in.  Fortunately, our feed was safe, and is now in Melbourne for pickup.  Way to pick up and dust ourselves off, eh Australia?? Tremendous efforts made by all to clean up and get back to business.

Have you been driving forklifts in a pencil-skirt lately?


Kate said...

Our chook food was sent from there on that day too. And no, I've never driven a fork lift but think its probably about time I learnt.

Anonymous said...

Hey nice shoes by the way Amy? are they Birks? Hmmmm don't know about the yellow undies though? Ha Ha T

Jess said...

Ahh no... but I reckon if I was to go for a joy ride in a forklift, I would be wearing my yellow undies too!

PS - thanks for your words of wisdom on mother guilt.
It is clear why you became a doula, Amy. You have a wonderful nuturing vibe about you. I always feel like you are giving me a big hug when I read your comments!

Emma said...

I have TOOOOTTALLLYYY driven a forklift in a pencil skirt - it was basically my job at Elders Yea!! Hahaha. Especially during fires when all the boys were out mustering stock or delivering fencing gear. I miss the big red shed in Yea and blokes I worked with!