Friday, April 30, 2010

me today

This is me today. Monty is having a bit of trouble sleeping in his bed - so rather than persevere rocking him and putting him down and picking him up (repeat several times) I just slung him. And I'm in the office - doing car reservations, freaking out about Nic's passport (we leave on Wednesday for the states), doing the BAS, Facebooking my friends in California for a get together, buying some Aussie gifts to bring home with us... and keeping the toddlers in line (it's a very very waaaavy line!!) Nic's at the farm madly getting everything sorted before we go. I have a feeling Wendnesday is going to hit us quickly!

I believe this afternoon will include chocolate and ABC 2 for the big ones and HOPEFULLY a big sleep from Zooma so that I can complete at least ONE task competently.

Has anyone got any ideas for good men's aussie gifts online?
What are you doing today??

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

251 Children.

that's right 251 children have reported adverse reactions to the flu vaccination in Western Australia.
One child just a year old is probably brain dead laying in a hospital.

I am angry. Brisbane knew about the danger of this vaccination weeks ago and yet did not report anything. A child died there on the 9th of April following her seasonal flu vaccination and there were numerous adverse reactions that were brought into the hospital too.

Where is the media coverage?
There are children dying at the hand of the government and health officials. Where does this madness stop? Why does the government's website say NOTHING about halting flu vaccinations for under 5's?

and isn't this amazing:

CSL Profits From Swine Flu
ABC February 17, 2010
CSL's half-year earnings have swelled after it reaped $160 million from sales of the swine flu vaccine. The Melbourne-based biotechnology company posted a 23 per cent rise in net profit to $617 million for the first half of the financial year.
That was well above the market's expectations for a profit of between $510 and $547 million dollars. It says the strength in swine flu vaccine sales was partly offset by a $66 million slide in sales of the cervical cancer vaccine, Gardasil. It is delivering an interim dividend of 35 cents per share, up 17 per cent from the same period a year earlier. CSL says its full-year net profit is expected to be at the top end of its previous forecasts, of between $970 million and $1.07 billion.

In case you were wondering where to get clear vaccination information please visit VAIS

I'm going to go hold my babies a bit tighter today. We are a sad nation for letting this happen - and it scares me.

My old Tuesdays.

I loved my "old" Tuesdays in Queensland.

They were regular and they were filled with my friend's faces and hugs.

You see, I would go to town every Tuesday. 60K to Gundy. There I would drop my big kids at the Community run Childcare for the day and get on with my jobs. Usually first I would go do the groceries by our locally owned Co-op. Bump into a few friends in the isles, get a friendly face at the checkout that would comment on how quickly my babe was growing and then stow away my groceries for the day out the back, add points that I actually got rewarded for at Christmas time onto my account.

Then I was off to do my jobs, just like the rest of my country friends - appointments, smoko with friends, picking up parts for hubby, lunch with friends, breastfeeding wherever, going to my favourite shop to see if there was anything I couldn't live without and collecting a good amount of hello hugs and kisses thru the day.  I would bump into all the "baby stealers" and talk about whatever was happening around the area.

At the end, I would collect my groceries from the back of the Coop from fella's that brought them out to my car, collect my kids with a lovely report of what they did for the day, say hello to their friends and drive back home to have a quick dinner, unpack groceries and fall in a heap in my freshly cleaned house from the cleaner being there that morning.

You see, Gundy was good like that.  I'm missing the warm friendly faces and the comfort of my routine.  I love it here, but I'm waiting to find my "rythym."

I think it was like a "reset" button, my Tuesday. It made everything even so that I could get on with whatever the rest of the week threw at me. 

Come to me soon, rythym. 

Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday Musings..

 I've finally taken a picture of my beautiful little garage sale treasure! The kids are loving this old school desk. I want a place for it inside (near the kitchen) for them to do projects, but I might wait till we shift to the farm.  Fourty bucks well spent!

These pink opp shop shoes have stolen my little girl's heart.  These pictures were taken at 6 a.m. the other morning. She loves em. Fifty cents well spent!

She also loves her new handbag mama made for her.  She has a disgusting hot pink and purple shiny flouncy thing that she insists on taking to town. I thought mama should make her a more respectable handbag for town!
P.S. Isn't Auntie Jen's skirt delicious!??

Have a happy day - I'm off to bury cow horns in the ground that are filled with poos! Hurrah!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Lest We Forget

Anzac Day here in Oz hits home with Nic and I as we share 3 Grandfathers that served in the war between us.  We had a lovely service in Fish Creek - there's nothing like a dawn service, but the mid morning one had to do for us as Nic was milking and the likelihood of me getting to a dawn service with 3 kids was slim.  Let's just say it wasn't going to happen....

On to another remembrance of sorts.. Ashley Jade Epapara - 2 years old - dead from Flu Jab.

This happened nearly 20 days ago in Brisbane. Now we have over a hundred hospitalizations happening in WA from the flu vaccine. And only now are we hearing about it. 
And they are saying that it is still safe for Pregnant Women and the elderly? Let's remember that this vaccine HAS NOT BEEN TESTED. I guess it is now - on tiny little people that are too small to help themselves. What about those foetuses? What is this going to do to our society in the long term?

The Sunday Mail was wondering why parent's do not vaccinate. Here is my brief letter to them:

Dear Editor,

I do not vaccinate my children because after hundreds of hours researching I have found vaccines dangerous, ineffective and unnecessary. I believe that the vaccine industry is beyond corrupt and the medical community is vaccine driven because of financial ties from the drug companies.

If adverse reactions were investigated and recorded properly I believe that society would wake up and not continue injecting our children with toxic, toxic substances. I choose to use health and nutrition and natural therapies with confidence.

The long term effect of vaccines on our society is only just beginning to rear it's ugly head - it's only going to get more and more monstrous as time passes by. Fortunately by unfortunate manner, the medical and pharmaceutical communities will more than likely expose themselves soon because of the momentum it is catching by offering needle after needle of toxic concoctions. It is so sad that the victims are so little and helpless to do anything about it.

The reality of it makes me sick.

In health,
Amy Paul
Organic BioDynamic Dairy Farmer

If the thought has ever crossed your mind to look into what you are putting into your babie's bodies, NOW is the time to investigate. Educate yourself and make an educated decision. Do not trust the CORRUPT and monstrous pharmaceutical companies and medical societies. Make up your own mind.

And in case you were wondering where I stand on the subject - now you know.

xx Amy

postscript - the government's website has not posted anything about the vaccine halt.  And is still pushing their heavy hand on the so called "safety" of the vaccine.

Friday, April 23, 2010

hello precious boy

and here he is. precious, new and peaceful.

You've chosen wisely, little buddy. Your mama and daddy are going to take good care of you. And Peyton I'm sure will have a few tricks to show you along your journey.
Can't wait to breathe you in.
xx Auntie Amy and your Australian fan club

Welcome to this world!

Welcome Jack Phillip Lepage!

I wish I had a photo of my lucious little nephew that came into this world yesterday - but I don't even know what he looks like yet!

Congratulations Jimmy and Roneita. Savour those precious new moments.

I cannot wait to love on him in 2 weeks.


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

to market. to market.

On Saturday Baxter went to the Farmers Market in Foster with homegrown lemons, rosemary and my very first ever Autumn Corn Relish. He took his proceeds to the Tractor Shop yesterday to buy a little somethin. Jackie was wonderful to include us in her stall and we had a lovely time meeting new people and visiting.  We would really love to take some farm fresh "bath milk" to sell one day with some biodynamic free range eggs.  We are hoping to do that next spring. Got any tips? Do you think it would be well received? Know of anybody doing that?

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Friday, April 16, 2010

fashionista fairy floss strikes again.

Have you got any idea what the essential accessory for brekky eating is?

that's right - swimming goggles.
Particularly useful if your brother is going to throw milk at you or something. A girl can never be overprepared.

On another note - my big boy is becoming quite the gun at taking photos! Have a look...

Do you see that adorable bunny hairclip in FFF's hair? Hair Fairy Clips. Get onto it - she's awesome.

ahh - be still my heart.
She's still nibble'able and has enough attitude to make you scream, but is as tender as velvet when she wants to be too.
As I picked her up from "Mini Minors" on Wednesday and she was skipping to the car hand in hand with me she said, "Mommy - I really really really love (pronounced loeb) you... I doooo." in her beautiful little husky voice. Yummo.

"Face of Birth"

I feel so utterly appalled at our government to make homebirth illegal.
To take the choice away is just corrupt.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

giveaway girl is....

we have a winner!
drumroll please.........

Tanya from Apple and Tangerine.

Congrats, my friend.. email me your postal address - and any want's for your music CD!

Anybody up for doing a music swap? Leave me a comment to let me know - I might just run one...

and.. P.S. my pants are no longer grumpy. I have WAY too much to be grateful for to walk around in a mope. Thanks to my pal Tracey for the call today too. A girlie chat always helps the cause!

xx Amy

Monday, April 12, 2010

my pants - grumpy or blah?

Birth Doula film from Alex Wakeford on Vimeo.

Looking forward to this.
Birth with Soul's website is currently being developed - it's very exciting.  I'm looking forward to getting some mama's on board to support!

On another note - I can see that many of us have the "blah's" and the "grumpy-pants" on. I am no exception. I am at wits end with my kiddos - Monty had another wakeful night lastnight.

Okay - here's the plan of attack:
1. turn off computer.
2. get the big kids into the kitchen to bake something.
3. get my back done at chiro at 12
4. snuggle the baby (or sling on my hip) for the afternoon for lots of close comforting for him
5. get rid of my grumpy/blah pants at yoga tonight.
6. have a glass of wine with hubby when kids are tucked into bed.

See ya. Plan starts now.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

on the farm

Saturday evening on the farm

around here

Dearest Monty,
Firstly, let me start by saying how dear you are. I love your podgy little grubby hands grabbing everything. And your wobbly legs when you are attempting to stand or step on something. I love that you giggle and laugh at your brother and sister and love to maul them as much as you love to smother your daddy and me. You are cheeky as a rat and bring me much delight.
HOWEVER -- this whole sleep (rest) for 20 minutes and then "muh, muh, Rahhhhhhhhhhhh!" thru the night thing is taking years off me. I've tried it all - and now I need some sleep. I will once again resort to giving you homeopathic sleeping remedies before bedtime. For the sanity of the whole family.
Much love, Mommy.

Okay - and now on to some pictures from our beach picnic on Friday. I also have farm pictures and some oppy pics to share with you, but this will do for now. And if you haven't done so - put your name in the draw for my giveaway. Everybody needs chocolate (especially me today!)
Have a happy day. xx

care for a bit of sand with your smoked salmon spread?

Organic Blueberries. Yummo. Only 5 kg's left in the freezer!

whatcha lookin at?

Friday, April 9, 2010

the gruffalo

This is superb.

We have loved the Gruffalo book for ages - and it actually had my dad in tears from laughing so much when he read it to the children.

and now.. thanks to ABC we can watch it for a few more days. 
Watch it here.


xx Amy

Thursday, April 8, 2010


100 posts!
My goodness. It seems like yesterday when I started this gig. Now look at me!

In gratitude for reading... I am offering to give away this lovely Vivant Creations eco-bag with birdies and quote,

sees the invisible,
feels the intangible
and achieves the impossible." anon

Check out their website it is pretty nifty.

and... a block of my most favourite chocolate in the world - Cocoa Farm Organic Orange Dark Chocolate made from cocoa beans grown in North Queensland.
It's divine. Trust me.

and... a mixed CD of music by me. Punky & Me hosted a swap for music a wee while ago and it was so fantastic. I think we should all share our music and what moves us. As previously mentioned totally loving Laura Marling at the moment - so expect a bit of that and some other stupendous music.

All you have to do is leave me a comment and you're in. I will draw a winner on the morning of Thursday 15 April. 

Have a happy day. xx

P.S. a special mention of thanks to the Fabulous Leonie for lighting a fire under me to start blogging all those months ago. xx

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Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter 2010

"we found the stash!"

mmmmmm... that blonde hair makes my heart palpitate.

Did you know the new fashion accessory that is now ALL THE RAGE?
It's the lovely and oh so useful "bungee cord"
A little lady's best friend.
Demonstration to follow.

applying the bungee cord to your attire is simple.


It completes the outfit perfectly. And.. who knows when you will need to strap something down?
Oh how I wish a bungee cord could fit around my waist..

Hope you had a happy day too.